Marie started singing around 5 in a choir. She join a band at 14 the got on a tv show at 20. That’s when she started singing to perform. That’s what drives her. At 30, she discover the joy of painting and drawing and do some modelling for some photographers. Well, we can say that Marie loves expression!

Sylk – Anything Anymore

Sounds 2018

Sylk – It only last 3 years

Sounds 2018

Sylk – To give or givin’up

Sounds 2018

Welcome to Marie Desmet’s Sounds: A Celebration of Expression!

Meet Marie, a multi-talented artist whose journey through life has been a symphony of creativity and self-discovery. From her early days singing in a choir at the age of 5 to gracing the stage of a TV show at 20, Marie’s passion for expression has always been at the forefront of her artistic endeavors.

Singing has been Marie’s lifelong companion, a source of joy and fulfillment that fuels her soul. From her humble beginnings in a choir to joining a band at the tender age of 14, Marie’s voice has captivated audiences and inspired countless hearts. At 20, she took her talent to the next level, stepping onto the stage of a TV show to share her gift with the world. For Marie, singing isn’t just a performance—it’s a calling, a driving force that ignites her spirit and fuels her creativity.

But Marie’s artistic journey doesn’t stop there. At 30, she discovered a new passion: painting and drawing. With a brush or pencil in hand, she found a new outlet for her boundless imagination, creating vibrant works of art that speak to the depths of her soul. And in between brushstrokes and pencil lines, Marie found herself drawn to the world of modeling, collaborating with photographers to bring their visions to life through her unique style and presence.

What ties Marie’s diverse artistic pursuits together is her love for expression. Whether she’s belting out a melody on stage, capturing the beauty of the world on canvas, or striking a pose in front of the camera, Marie’s artistry knows no bounds. Each creative endeavor is a celebration of expression, a testament to the power of the human spirit to connect, inspire, and transform.

As you explore Marie’s portfolio, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of talent and passion, each piece a reflection of her unique journey and the depth of her artistic vision. Whether you’re a fellow artist seeking inspiration or a prospective collaborator eager to join Marie on her artistic odyssey, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Marie’s Portfolio and experience the magic of expression in all its forms.